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The Brilliantly Simple Speed Selling Secrets of a Crotchety Old Semi-Retired Executive in Rural Oklahoma That Could Get You All The Sales...No Matter What Your Industry or Training.

How I Learned to Stop "Selling" Benefits and Features and Instead Enjoy The Kind of Sales Success Usually reserved for the "Insider Family Members" or the "Lucky" or the "Privileged" or the "Naturals".

Thursday - 2:45 PM

Dear Friend:

Are you in sales? I mean, "Do you make your living selling." I mean, "Do you bring home a paycheck every week that is different based on the amount of sales you have closed. If you are in Commission Only sales, have there been times when the paycheck was ZERO or almost non-existent. Even in Commission/Bonus sales where you have a base or draw, have there been times where the commissions were, you know, up there and times when they went away? In looking at your sales career history, have there been times when you were wildly successful and times when you weren't? Have you known people like this? I knew a lot of them. I started out in sales as a kid of 16 years old. I took a JOB selling waterless cook wear. I don't even remember the company today. They probably still exist. I learned a lot about selling and life. In those days, the requirements for entering commission only sales were very much like those today, NONE. If you sold you got paid, if you didn't you didn't. Training, limited as it was, was strictly benefits and features. Just give the presentation and the products will sell themselves, RIGHT. Today, the telemarketing industry is pretty much the same. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, just come in and READ OUR SCRIPT. If you sell something, anything, you get paid.

A lot of people get their first taste of SELLING via NETWORK Marketing. Still, commission only selling with a twist. In selling cook wear, I didn't have to buy the inventory. But I was expected to SELL MY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. Now I'm not knocking Multi-Level Network Marketing. You just have to understand it like all other sales opportunities. By sales opportunities, I'm speaking of positions where a substantial part of your pay is based on sales. No offense to those of you who have sales jobs where you get straight salary, but you are not true sales people, you are more like order takers. Listen, have you every made a sale and felt really really good about it. Then found yourself in a situation that looked the same to you and failed to make the sale? Did you ever really understand why?

Or maybe you made a sale really quick and easy; and had no idea why? Just lucky I guess.

Look, while we're talking about sales gone wrong and why, lets take a glimpse at traditional sales training. They have sold you the myth about "It's a numbers game." "Just keep generating leads and following them up again and again." Does this sound familiar? Take your own survey, how many sales people do you know who have consistently sold. That is could anyone predict with any kind of accuracy, what they would do on their next 10 sales encounters.

How valuable would it be if you knew exactly what was missing or different in each sales encounter? If you learned something from each and every interaction and had the ability to incorporate your learning's into the future, then what would happen. Nice thoughts.

You may have heard the old saying; "we are all in sales all the time". Well, I happen to agree with that at one level. We are always selling "ourselves" our beliefs, ideas, point of views.

Maybe you can feel that there is one single secret to selling. Whether you are selling cranes, computers, accounting services, snow to Eskimos or yourself in a job interview. I believe, you like me, had been looking for it.

Now there are many other elements that follow this secret. The secret to an oyster producing a pearl is the injection of a single grain of sand into the oyster. Even so that is not the end of the story.

This secret applies to every phase of the sales cycle from cold calling on the telephone, to getting their attention, to getting your foot in the door with that first appointment, to closing the sale.

Some people hate selling; they do it because they think it is the highest paying job for the least training. Did you ever notice that universities do not offer courses in selling? Wonder Why? How would life be if you learned to love selling?

Ask around; confirm for yourself that for most people the first image that comes to your mind when asked to describe a salesperson is that of a used car salesman. No wonder, people don't want to be a salesperson. Who wants to be associated with that image? Hollywood hasn't helped with movies like the ones starring Robin Williams or Kurt Russell.

Learning to make cold calls enjoyable is valuable. Learning to set appointments efficiently is valuable. Learning to close quickly is valuable. LEARNING TO DEAL WITH THE WARPED IMAGE OF A SALESMAN IS PRICELESS.

Some people buy now courses for information or techniques, promising to double their sales. Others look for ways to use the latest buzzwords or general trends. They think sales are about scripts and they want to memorize. However, if you truly want to be consistent and prepared to handle and treat each unique situation, then you have found the source.

The content of this course listed below looks like the traditional bullets, just notice the difference in the words.

The Sales Cycle


Neurological Processes


18 Most Influential Words

Future Pacing

Embedded Commands

And that's not all. You will also get, YES, sections on

Beliefs, Values and Attitudes



Buzz Words

Trigger Words

Reflective Listening

The Communication Success Formula

Along with Content, Context and Process with language.

So if you're looking for a course that will change you, not just give you more information and more techniques, by now, you know you have found it.

Now as you look at all your own reasons for reading this ad in its entirety, NOW, just ask yourself how would you feel if you found the answers.

The course includes a course workbook/book, speed selling flash cards, and 6 hours of video(3 - 2 Hr DVD's) with Dr. Yates J. Canipe as he shares his insights and secrets with a small group he has been tutoring.




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