The Grapho-Deck

By Bart Baggett


Announcing the most highly recommended
"meet people" product in this entire catalog:
A Very Accurate Deck of 50 Cards For Handwriting Analysis

Would you like to have a guaranteed way to instantly meet and attract people wherever you find yourself? Would you like to KNOW how to walk into any situation, including bars and parties where the competiton is intense and literally have the most desireable people in the place LINING UP to meet you? Would you like to be able to tell, right away, which of these people are warm and easy to know and which are cold fish you should avoid?

Well, here it is, folks, the very best method for meeting people I've ever seen. Not one of the best, not just good or great but the BEST. The TOPS.The single most highly recommended product for meeting people in this entire blooming catalog, mate, gosh durn it! And I didn't even create it!

I'm not even going to bother going into explaining how and why it works here except to say it's very easy to use, anyone can do it and I personally, have at the very least TRIPLED the number of people I meet since I've been using it, and I meet TONS of people anyway. Not only will you meet ridiculous numbers of people right away by using it, but you'll also make an INCREDIBLY favorable impression; in fact, I walked into one restaurant a week after using it with a waitress, and she was STILL talking about me to her co-workers, who, of course, in turn, each came up and introduced themselves to me! Of course, using this product, I could tell right away which ones had the kind of incredible drives I love.

Look, just trust me on this one, if you only get one product out of this catalog, get THIS ONE!

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