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What it’s like when you find what you have been looking for?  Let yourself look HERE for Self Hypnosis, Personal Development, How to Create Wealth, Build Confidence, Creative Visualization, Conversational Hypnosis, Huna, Kahuna and know that The Secret Law of Attraction is a big hoax.  If you want to learn what the Secret Law of Attraction REALLY is then listen to “The Greater Mind” archived radio shows on The Greater .  Further revealed is the Secret of the Secret and answers to questions on Using the Secret and Apply the Secret.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in your day-to-day activities? Are you ever curious as to why it looks so easy to everyone else? How would you feel if I told you that can all be different?

Straightforward, Inc.'s life-changing material is to achieve results. As you browse this site, you can findyourself picturing your life as you've always wanted it to be.
As you learn how to achieve all you've ever wanted, it will become as if you've known this all along. It will be like you've awoken something on the inside of your head.  Notice
what it's like to feel free from the troubles that tie you down already.

 When will you realize that you have the power to change? You will discover how easy it will be, almost like you don't even have to think
about it.


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 It is quite simple. Have you ever been to  workshop or training class and upon  completion you felt good, maybe it was  as if you had been charged up to the  point where you thought you could take  on the world and accomplish your  goals? Then the next week came and the  feeling started to fade as you found the  excitement and enthusiasm was not in  others around you and your being  pumped up wasn't enough to carry you  on or get you over the hump.


Introducing the MORE than
Comfort Clock!

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